Creative and curious I have always been trying to improve my reality and, in doing so, creating new ideas. This led me to the creative process and sketching as a free time hobby strongly encouraged by my parents.

Even through my high school years, characterized by the study of classical culture, history, philosophy and other humanistic disciplines, I never stopped sketching as a mean to express myself. It was during this period that my interest in games, movies and narrative universes started to link with my sketching passion and my cultural background.

Pushed by those passion and with the desire to improve the daily world I enrolled in Politecnico di Milano Interior Design Program where I deepened my interest for the design process, arts, technology and the oriental culture. In 2016 I graduated cum laude with a concept design for a dining experience entirely based on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

Not entirely satisfied by the Interior Design bachelor and wanting to further refine my concepting skill I joined the post-graduate program in Product Design for Innovation which focuses on the idea creating phase of the industrial design process. During these two years I had the opportunity to collaborate with the European Space Agency and other major companies on design concepts.

My thesis project linked what I learnt from the design word with my interest for the entertainment design field and consisted in a new approach to storytelling and vision building.

All those experiences brought me back to my art passion enriched by a new desire to design breathtaking narrative universes and present them in the best way possible. I have since been spending some time everyday pursuing a personal daily art journey.

I also put all these design and visioning skills to good use starting my own research and development business investigating new ways of designing AIs and Human Machine Integration, my company is called huma:int.

The rest of my free time has been focused on outdoor activities such as climbing, travelling around the world and cooking which, together with my friendships and experiences influences me through the design process.

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