research, design, solve.

Creative and curious I have always been drawn to the creative process given my inclination to creating new and different visuals. Since my early days in high school this interest has been strongly characterized by a deep passion for art and design, movies and games, history and philosophy pushing me into seeking a career in the entertainment and design industry.

This multifaceted formation has also been influenced by different practical experience such as working in a Michelin starred restaurant and in a small exhibition fitter workshop while finishing my studies. In 2016 I graduated cum laude from Politecnico di Milano as an Interior Designer and I am now attending a post-graduate program in Concept Design in the same school.

I commit my free time to a continuous digital art research influenced by my passion for the sci-fi worlds, to various sport and outdoor activities and to cooking, after all I am Italian.

If you want more information, my cv or my portfolio feel free to contact me.

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